No longer draining daggers for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, the self-styled Black Mamba, is now an entertainment mogul with a friendlier mission: transporting kids to magical worlds.

Per Sports Illustrated, Kobe is working on young-adult books to publish in 2019-20, and some of those may be turned into movies and perhaps even a musical.

“You and I grew up on The Sandlot,” Bryant says later. “That was fun. Fun, fun, fun. We’re trying to do the same thing here. And within the fun hide some fundamental elements of truth.”

“If Harry Potter and the Olympics had a baby, that would be the world we’re trying to communicate,” Bryant says. “There’s fantasy—dreamlike, magical elements—but it’s a magic kids can experience.”

Kobe Inc’s office space is described in detail below, just in case you were wondering what his office space looks like. 

They are on the second floor of a beige office building in Costa Mesa, Calif., but the space feels more like an Arts District loft: exposed pipes, Persian rugs, Manzanita trees, twinkle lights. Black-and-white photographs of J.K. Rowling and Walt Disney, Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey, line the entryway. A story room, with writers lounging on gray sofas and scribbling across grease boards, is hidden behind thick curtains. A sign that reads zen as f— leans against the wall in the production studio, waiting to go up.

Kobe is applying his killer instinct and work ethic to making entertainment. I don’t doubt he’ll make a ton of money. Always bet on Black (Mamba)