In his latest ad for Red Bull, the Chicago Cubs star and 2016 National League MVP pranks a fantasy baseball draft by showing up disguised as a pizza delivery guy.

With his goofy hairpiece, mustache/beard combo and wire-frame specs, Bryant looks like a ’90s porn star crossed with some dude who looks like a pedophile. 

Will any of the fantasy players, compiling rosters of Major Leaguers and competing against each other based on those players’ stats, recognize the All-Star in their midst? Or draft him for their team?

They really pulled it off. 

You can find out by watching the six-minute clip above, as Bryant—aka, the proprietor of “Kristio’s Pizza & Wings” steps into the box for a brotastic afternoon of brand-centric pranking.

Kris Bryant pulls pizza delivery prank on Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Check out the special edition can below, Kris Bryant is a mega superstar, and the Cubs are lucky to have him! Who else feels like eating a pizza right about now?