OJ Simpson’s visit to the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar was his first night out when he was released from prison, and it hasn’t been his last, as OJ is often spotted there mingling with friends and fans. 

This weekend was no different, as OJ Simpson was drinking at his favorite local watering hole. This fan ran into OJ, and shared a drink, which lead to her sharing an Instagram post. Who could resist posting a picture with OJ? 

Having a beer with OJ Simpson in Las Vegas! My new bff! #ojsimpson #juice I’m having juice with juice lmao  

This place should charge admission when OJ is there. For some strange reason, people are fascinated by this alleged murderer. I personally wouldn’t take a picture with OJ, but that’s just me. The allure of OJ is too strong for most. Especially the ladies. 

Check out more of OJ with some ladies at the Grape Street Wine Bar.