The 2018 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday night in Arlington, Texas.  There seems to be little doubt about what round many of the top quarterbacks coming out of college will be drafted.  Except when it comes to Louisville’s Lamar Jackson.

On the one hand the reports are that he has managed to move his way up into the first round.  On the other, is the doubters who don’t think he can even play quarterback in the NFL.

In fact a nameless and faceless “offensive coordinator” told, that Jackson will not play quarterback in this league.

“He’s an awesome athlete. He will not be able to play (quarterback) in this league, mark my words,” an offensive coordinator said. “When he throws, he hopes.” 

I wonder if this is one of the guys who thought Jimmy Clausen was going to be a star in the NFL.  The fact is, you really can’t predict who will take their college game and keep working at it in the NFL to be a good quarterback.

To write Jackson off without giving him a shot is completely ridiculous.  I’m rooting for him to prove the doubters wrong.