Melissa Blakesley  is the current girlfriend of NFL player Larry Fitzgerald, the wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Not only is Melissa Fitzgerald’s on the down-low GF, but she’s also the Baby Momma, being the proud mother of Larry’s youngest son, Apollo.  

Larry and Melissa keep a relatively low profile as a couple, as Larry is rarely seen on her Instagram, vice versa. This past weekend they kept things mostly the same. If it wasn’t for Larry being seen with some fans at the Four Seasons, there would be no way of knowing the two hit up a wedding together. But we found them together at the wedding, which has since been deleted. But as you can see Larry was there. 

Check out more of Larry’s better half Melissa at the wedding, she was looking like a million dollars this past weekend.  

Here are some more pics of Melissa below, Larry has his hands full with her.