Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald is dealing with a little drama off of the field.  It doesn’t exactly paint him in the best light.

After calling him out in the comment section of one of his recent posts, Fitzgerald’s ex and baby momma, Emally Lugo, took to social media to set the record straight.  

Lugo wants everyone to know that she wasn’t a side chick and that her child wasn’t the result of some sort of fling with the NFL star.  She was in a long-term relationship prior to getting pregnant.

PSA : you all are going to stop calling my son and myself out of our name! Idc what or who has been saying anything negative about why my son is here. He’s here because two people who love(d) each other for a very long time created him. I was NEVER a home wrecker I was NEVER a side chick. Whatever anyone is putting on for the public has nothing to do with me. I don’t know and I don’t care! However, for anyone to create stories about my son being some one night stand, some secret, or some bastard child is completely ridiculous. The bs stops now. I’m over it and BEEN over it I will no longer address it after this. My son is loved, taken care of and will always be. I am NOT A LIAR. I meant everything I have said. These pics span from 2009 to recent. The truth is the truth. #realestshitieverwrote. More pics in my story How someone decides to treat me after all this time is their choice but let it be known. I’m not “crazy”. Anyways I have a HUGE exam tomorrow. ✌ ✌ ✌ #larryfitzgerald#azcardinals #nfl

Lugo even provided some dates to prove that they had been together for a long time and a couple of pictures of Fitzgerald with their son.

It sure looks like Emally is telling the truth.  If so, people are going to be very interested in his side of the story.

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