After reports of Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend and baby daddy cheating on her in New York City over the weekend surfaced, a new video seemingly shows him caught in the act back in October of 2017.  Now everyone is coming out of the woodwork. 

We received this tip, and to be fair, it’s just a rumor, and that’s what we do, we post rumors, and this one is too juicy not to share. Our site is called Sports Gossip, so you get it. On to the story, from our tipster below: 

LeBron has stepped out with that chick Taylor Vecchia. That’s accurate. She was in Miami the same time Cavs were there. Do the math 😉 People don’t get it though. It’s not about him doing better. More about who he can trust not to blow up his scene. There’s a reason why he goes after white young bartenders. He’s slept with a half dozen of them I know. It’s because those girls usually keep their mouth shut, and they are down for some fun. Guy is going to catch a divorce if he keeps slipping though. The fact we all know about this one just goes to show how not tight he keeps his shit. Looks like she was at the Cavs game when they played Phoenix (where she lives) says our tipster.

Look what Tristan started. Since that news broke yesterday, our inbox has been flooded with NBA groupies calling out players. Let’s hope LeBron isn’t stepping out on his wife, but for all we know, she may have given him a hall pass. 

We don’t know what their relationship is like. That’s their business. Check out pics of the girl in question below, and once again, we would like to state this is allegedly the girl in question.