A few weeks back, LeBron James was trying to flex his legal muscles, and threatened Nick Saban and University of Alabama for infringing n a copyright of LeBron’s new series “Shop Talk” . He felt it was ripping off his  UNINTERRUPTED’s show “The Shop.” 

Well, according to TMZ, LeBron is now being sued over the same show.  Which is pretty funny, because I remember saying it back then, that wasn’t even close to LeBron’s idea. 

Adventure Enterprises claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, it pitched a TV show to LeBron called “Shop Talk.” The backdrop for the show was a barbershop where celebs share their business success stories while getting a haircut.

The company claims it had numerous talks about the idea with LeBron’s company, UNINTERRUPTED, over a period of 2 years … fleshing out the idea and figuring out a strategy for pitching it to various networks.

According to the lawsuit, LeBron went and cut Adventure Enterprises out of the picture and created a ripoff show called “The Shop,” featuring LeBron in a barbershop with his contemporaries, “while engaging in an intimate conversation describing cultural experiences.” The show aired as a webisode.

Adventure Enterprises claims it confronted LeBron’s people, and what they got back was an apology and assurances it was a one-time deal and wouldn’t happen again.

Apparently it did happen again, because another segment aired on ESPN no less.

Adventure Enterprises is gunning for an injunction prohibiting LeBron and his company from producing any more episodes. They also want some serious cash.

The company is also suing LeBron’s business partner, Maverick Carter.

A source close to LeBron and Maverick tells TMZ calls the lawsuit “totally frivolous and publicity seeking.” 

LeBron needs to focus on his first job, the one that allowed him to do all the other things that make him money. This is called opening up a can of worms.