Lindsey Vonn was single this Valentines day, and if you were wondering about her former boyfriend the assistant coach on the LA Rams, Kenan Smith, well they’re done. 

“Unfortunately, their busy schedules ultimately took a toll on the relationship,” a Lindsey Vonn pal tells PEOPLE of her split from Kenan Smith. … Since then, she and the former L.A. Rams assistant coach stepped out many times  

It was #GalentinesDay for #LindseyVonn. #Valentines Day is for lovers but if you don’t have one #shootyourshot.   

Desperate times call for desperate measures for America’s Olympic sweetheart. 

Of course Lindsey had possibly the highest profile boyfriend in the country only a few years back, I’m talking about Tiger Woods. Now Tiger has moved on, and Lindsey is left being an old maid. Good luck finding Mr. Right Lindsey, or at the very least, Mr. Right now.