Olympic athlete Lolo Jones opened up to her fellow finalists on Monday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother about her decision to remain a virgin at age 36.

Lolo, who said she came in hoping for a ‘show-mance,’ was initially just talking about being single, telling Tamar: ‘I like a ton of people, it just doesn’t work out.’ 

When she was asked if she would date another athlete, the Olympian insisted: ‘Trust me, I’ve tried every occupation. I don’t know why God hasn’t blessed me with my husband.

‘Another reason why I’m probably single is because I’ve never had sex and guys do not want to wait for girls,’ Lolo added.

‘I’m sorry say that again?’ Tamar interrupted, clearly stunned.

‘I’ve never had sex. I’m waiting till marriage,’ Lolo told her.

‘That’s ended a lot of relationships,’ she continued, with WWE star Natalie Eva Marie, 34, now also listening.

‘When I tell them that, a lot of them either think I’m lying, so then they hang out and then they’re like, ”Oh, she was telling the truth.”

‘Or there’s the ones that think it’s a challenge. And then they realize, ”Oh, literally I’m gonna have to marry her” – and then they exit.

‘I’ve had my heart broken a lot,’ Lolo revealed.

Tamar asked: ‘What if you marry him and it’s just not good? What are you gonna do?’

‘Well for me, it’s gonna be good, ’cause I don’t have a comparison,’ Lolo pointed out.

She insisted to camera: ‘I will not compromise on my morals and this is an amazing gift I’m giving to my husband so he better damn well be worth it.’

Jones has been playing the virgin card for a very long time. 

The Celebrity Big Brother season finale airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

You can check out more pics of the virgin Jones below:  

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