Life comes at you fast.  Lakers guard Lonzo Ball and his baby momma, Denise Garcia, have reportedly broken up.  That didn’t take long, the couple’s baby was just born back on July 22nd.

Ball’s now ex-girlfriend recently took to her Instagram story and threatened to release a juicy tell-all.  And that might be the least of the second year guard’s worries. 

According to our source, Ball also has an upcoming court hearing regarding child support payments and he’s already shelling out thousands.

Lonzo is paying child support, they have court some time this month to say how much he’ll be paying. I’m not 100% sure about this and unfortunately I can’t say where I got this from but he is supposedly paying 20-30k a month. He is dating someone new but I don’t know who that person is.

The life of an NBA player is a fun one.  I wonder if Lonzo feels like a big baller yet?  

Threatening a juicy tell-all is an effective way to make sure those child support payments are on time and paid in full.