Slovenian Draft propsect Luka Doncic is still participating in the ACB playoffs for Real Madrid, and he’s focusing on the upcoming NBA draft. The Kings worked out Bagley and are said to have eyes for Michael Porter Jr. But Doncic is the kind of polished backcourt star the team needs. He’ll end up top five for sure. 

His girlfriend, or shall we say his ex girlfriend, is also very polished, and is lottery pick worthy. Slovenian basketball prospect Luka Doncic’s was dating Anamaria Goltes, and now we’re hearing they have broken things off. 

From our source:  

Judging by their profiles on Instagram,  the former  lovers do not follow each other anymore, and Anamaria has deleted all of their shared photos says our source

It’s probably a good thing Luka will enter the NBA single, and he’ll have no problem meeting plenty of eligible bachleorettes in no matter what city he lands in. We’ll keep an eye on Luka and his ladies.