Sometimes you need to see your team play, at any cost. The finance manager of an Illinois car dealership has been accused of pretending to be a restaurant employee in phone calls with a cable company.

His aim, police say, was to change the restaurant’s cable package so he could watch a basketball game when he visited the area for the weekend.

In one of the recordings, the caller allegedly stepped away from the phone and spoke with someone else in the background, saying “Hey it’s Kevin.” In another call, police say, someone can be overheard purchasing a vehicle in the background and explaining that they work a second job at a health care facility in Illinois. The officer called the health care facility and asked if they had an employee who recently bought a car. The facility put the officer in touch with a female employee, who said she recently purchased a vehicle at the Howard Buick-GMC dealership in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Cayton has been booked and released on a $2,000 signature bond. He is due to appear in Sauk County Circuit Court on July 31. What a nut-job.