Johnny Manziel didn’t play in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ season opener against Calgary, but coach June Jones says the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner should be playing in the NFL.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised the last three weeks what a good teammate he is, how smart he is, how he sees the game,” Jones told “He should be playing in the National Football League and I believe he will when he gets through with us.”

Hamilton coach June Jones predicts quarterback Johnny Manziel will make his return to the NFL when executives and coaches “see that he’s taken care of his off-the-field problems.’  

“It’ll take two years,” he said. “They’re [NFL executives, coaches] waiting to see that he’s taken care of his off-the-field problems.”

From what Jones has seen so far, he believes Manziel is on the right path. Um, not sure why he’s trying to get rid of Johnny already, he just got there. 

“He’s humble,” he said. “He’s growing up every day.”