Kesha McLeod has been Harden’s stylist for about a year, and clearly she’s not only taken his game to a new level, but also his fashion game to MVP heights. 

“He’s very expressive in what he wears. I don’t want to say he loves everything. He definitely knows what he wants and that kind of keeps me on my toes. That’s one of the reasons I like working with him,” McLeod explains. “He’s good at also building a relationship with brands and questioning why he should wear something.”

McLeod says she and Harden had known each other for a while before she became his stylist. The shift to connecting with each other on fashion came when Harden decided he wanted to take his brand more seriously.

McLeod says they have plenty of looks planned through September, October and November. Should be an interesting upcoming season. 

“(Harden) is a little bit different from what someone else would wear. It’s definitely been a journey. I gave him the biggest hug, I was like, I can’t wait to leave you!” McLeod laughs. “That was our last day and it was June 13 and we started this journey of being in Milan and we’ve kind of just been traveling ever since.”