Seahawks safety Earl Thomas’ season came to an end when the 29-year-old broke his left leg on Sunday.  He’e now stuck in the scenario he was trying to avoid when he decided to holdout before the season.

Thomas will now be a free agent coming off of an injury at the end of the season.  Instead of a player in the beginning years of a long-term contract, which is what he was hoping to accomplish by holding out.

After Thomas decided to end his holdout the Seahawks dragged their feet on a potential trade with the Cowboys, prompting him to let them now exactly what he felt of them after his season ending injury.

Seahawks fans don’t seem to be sympathetic to Thomas’ situation.  One of the members of the 12th man decided to burn his jersey after he gave his soon-to-be former team the finger.

On the positive side of things, Thomas can likely sign with the Dallas Cowboys in the off-season.