When you put former star receivers Michael Irvin and Steve Smith together anything can happen.  On Thursday night during the NFL Network’s pregame show anything did happen.

Irvin got things started when he insulted Smith by saying the Ravens haven’t had a trusted receiver since Anquan Boldin.  That was a pretty clean shot at Smith, who played for the Ravens after Boldin did.

If you know anything about Steve Smith, you know he’s not going to let an insult like that one slide.  He responded by pointing out that despite Irvin’s three rings, he owns better career numbers than the former Cowboy.

Smith then pulled out a solid line about route running.  Even though he’s no longer in the league, his trash talk game is still pretty strong.

“I got a doctorate in route running. You got an associates degree from a community college.”

According to Pro Football Reference, Smith isn’t wrong.  He also played a few more games than “The Playmaker.”