Michael Strahan said Monday that if he were still playing in the NFL, he likely would kneel during the national anthem. 

In an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show, the Pro Football Hall of Famer cited his father’s military service in claiming that the protests staged by Colin Kaepernick were not meant to be disrespectful of “anybody in the armed services.”

“I know why [Kaepernick] knelt was not in any disrespect to the military or anybody in the armed services because I have an appreciation for that,” the former NFL star, 46, told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, September 10, after speaking on how his dad was in the service. “And when my father can look at me and tell me that he’s not offended and that he understands, then how could I — who didn’t do that service — be offended?”

Strahan noted that he “also would’ve been proactive in getting more organized because I do believe that there needs to be more organization between the players and the ownership.”

Funny thing is, if Strahan would have kneeled, he wouldn’t be doing what he is today. Easier said than done. I think he’s all talk.