Aaron Judge's Ex Jen Flaum Trying to Shape Stories about Him? - Sports Gossip
Internet investigators on the case

Aaron Judge's ex-girlfriend is Jen Flaum is according to a tipster, trying to shape stories about him.  She's doing so by discounting anything that links him to another woman using fake social media accounts.

It certainly seems possible, especially with the quickness that the account in question responded to our tip about Judge paying to get a 20-year-old into a club in New York.  

Here's what the internet investigator sent our way.

I’m sure you get a lot of info on Jen Flaum and how she leaks info on Aaron Judge but this one there is pretty obvious proof. After you posted your article about Judge being out with a blonde girl on Monday within minutes someone with the name @ilm_017 instantly wrote that she saw him and Jen together Tuesday night at dinner and as people asked just kept giving more information about them being at ABC Cocina at 8:30 and they were sitting outside. People started to look and from that account she also commented about a tinder account of hers being fake 6 weeks ago on a Aaron Judge updates page and the account only follows 15 people all of which are about Judge including him and his closest friends on the team and of course 4 girls that Judge follows to keep an eye on them. The final piece to the puzzle of it being Jen was when someone realized last October she DM’d them from that @ilm_017 account telling them that should take down a picture of her. No way this Instagram has done nothing but talk about Jen for a year and then by happenstance they walked by and saw them out together. She yet again leaked info about his private life for her own gain.

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