The power of alcohol

The Astros hit four home runs during their Game 1 win over the Indians on Friday.  None of the home runs meant as much to one section of fans as the one George Springer hit.

That's because a fan promised to buy his entire section a beer if Springer hit one out.  When Springer did his part, the man followed through on his promise and bought his entire section a beer.

"If George Springer hits a home run, I’m buying everyone in the section a beer."

The man's name is Eddie Flores and according to the Houston Chronicle, he bought all the beer the vendor had for over $300.  While the entire section didn't actually get a beer, rows two through nine did.

Not only is Flores prescient, but he's also a man of his word. He immediately got a beer vendor to his seat - with a little help from his section mates - and bought more than $300 worth of beer. The entire section didn't actually get beer, because the vendor only had so much beer with him, but everone in rows two through nine got a beer from Flores, if they wanted one.

Good thing it was payday.  Something tells me this isn't his first time making these types of ridiculous promises.

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