Clint Frazier is Fighting with Yankees Announcer Michael Kay - Sports Gossip
Weak sauce apology

Yankees player Clint Frazier has taken exception with comments by play-by-play man Michael Kay on his radio show.

Per the New York Daily News:

(Michael) Kay called into the YES Network Monday to weigh in on the Red Sox sweep of the Yankees, bemoaning the fact that role players like Shane Robinson and Luke Voit had to be in the lineup, and he ended up ripping Frazier for not being on the field.

Kay tried once again to make the peace Tuesday:

Kay, the long-time play-by-play man for Yankees games on YES Network, received a contract extension in June. He is believed to be the highest-paid local baseball announcer in the game. 

He took that mantle when fellow Fordham alum Vin Scully retired from the Dodgers after the 2016 season. He'll probably be around a lot longer than Frazier. 

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