Why is he still being used?

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts' decision to bring in 38-year-old reliever Ryan Madson in Game 4 cost him the game and his repeated use of the veteran right-hander in key situations might have cost Los Angeles a shot at winning the World Series.

On Saturday night with a 4-0 Dodgers lead in the 7th inning and two runners on, Roberts went with Madson.  He got Jackie Bradley Jr. to pop out for the second out, before throwing Mitch Moreland a changeup that was crushed into the seats for a three-run home run.

Madson has appeared in every game in the World Series and he continues to struggle.  He's been used in key situations with runners on base, inheriting seven runners and allowing all seven to score.

The three-run home run was all the Red Sox needed to get back into the game.  They rode the momentum of the big homer to a 9-6 win and a 3-1 series lead.

Dave Roberts' decision to keep going to Madson should probably cost him his job.  You can't keep making those mistakes in the biggest games of the year.

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