Javy Baez Destroyed the Dugout Bathroom at Chase Field - Sports Gossip
Air freshener not needed

Cubs second baseman Javy Baez went hard on the visitor's dugout bathroom at Chase Field on Monday night.  He left some serious damage in his wake.  

It was his emotions and a bat that did the damage, not a bad case of the runs.  He went 0 for 2 in his first two at bats and decided to smash the dugout bathroom's sink and mirror.

Normally breaking a mirror is considered bad luck.  Not for Baez, he hit his 32nd home run of the year in his next at bat.  The Cubs won the game 5-1.

With those results Baez might just make this part of his routine.  Watch out dugout bathrooms, Javy Baez is coming for you.  

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