Justin Verlander Credits Kate Upton For Saving His Career - Sports Gossip
Of course he does

Houston Astros superstar Ace Justin Verlander, in the midst of another All-Star season, credits wife Kate Upton with saving his career, because just look at her, who wouldn't want to give her credit 

"She obviously had dealt with more than me in her life," Verlander says. "I mean, being a woman? Being in that industry? Being that famous? That was a level I hadn't dealt with."

Upton helped him realize, he said, that he needed help, physically and emotionally. She was there for him. 

"I don't like to talk to people about being hurt. As athletes, you're not supposed to. It's an excuse. ... But she was someone I could talk to. I mean, basically a therapist," Verlander said.

Verlander and Upton got married in Italy last year, the day after the Astros won the World Series. Last month, they announced that they are expecting a baby.

She also recently posted a pic, saying Verlander has the best ass in the game, and she's not referring to her own ass. Verlander is one lucky son of a gun. Who knows, Kate might just help him pitch into his late thirties.  

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