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He's Keith Hernandez!

One of the most classic episodes all of all time. The Boyfriend is a two-part episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. It makes up the 34th and 35th episodes. Jerry meets an idol of his—former New York Mets baseball player Keith Hernandez, appearing as himself, and wants to make a good impression.  

Listen to Keith talk about his iconic role below: 

Crazy enough, Keith is still earning $$$ off that Seinfeld cameo. 


How often do the checks come?
Every time they show it. I get around -- I'm going to say they show my episode a lot. So I'm going to say I get a check every month. Nothing less than six weeks. They show it all the time. It's international and everything.

What do you make per episode, if you don't mind me asking?

It used to be almost $1,000. It diminishes as the years go by. So it gives me around $3,000 per year. I'll take it. For doing nothing. So you can imagine what Jerry gets. The principal actors, what they get.  

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