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No hall of fame for you

Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera defended Robinson Cano after  his 80 game suspension for PEDs.  He was upset with the suspension, because according to Cabrera, Cano is a hall of famer.

Via Detroit Free Press:

“That’s why I’m so mad,” Cabrera said. “He’s a Hall of Fame player.”

“He play every day,” Cabrera said. “He do everything right. Now everybody is going to write all this stupid (crap).”

Cabrera said he doesn’t care what others think about Canó.

“I know Canó for a lot of years and I know he didn’t cheat,” Cabrera told the Free Press. “I’m (expletive) mad right now.

“His doctor prescribed the medication. I think he got all the paperwork. Why he get positive? I don’t understand that. If it’s something for him to get better.” 

Why are they even suspending Cano?  Cabrera knows him and knows he didn't cheat.  Isn't that enough to get the suspension overturned?  Cano wasn't a hall of famer before this and definitely isn't after this.

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