Phil Hughes DFA'd by the San Diego Padres - Sports Gossip
He'll be just fine

Pitcher Phil Hughes was designated for assignment on Friday by the San Diego Padres.  The former Yankee and Twin struggled during the 20+ innings he pitched in San Diego recording a 6.10 ERA.

Hughes, who was traded to the Padres by the Twins in late May, has struggled the last few seasons as he battled through injuries in 2016 and 2017.  He took to Twitter and thanked the Padres for his brief time with the team.

Even if Hughes doesn't find a team the rest of the season or next, he will be just fine.  The Twins will be paying the remainder of his 2018 salary and the Padres are on the hook for $7 million of his 2019 salary of $13.2. 

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