Pitcher Mike Fiers Likes a Tweet About Hitting Giancarlo Stanton in the Face with a Pitch...Again - Sports Gossip
Giancarlo isn't going to be happy about this one.

Oakland A's pitcher Mike Fiers liked a tweet about hitting Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton in the face with a pitch again. 

Fiers hit Stanton in the face back in 2014 when he was on the Brewers and Giancarlo was a member of the Marlins causing Stanton to miss the rest of the season.

There might be some fireworks the next time these two meet.  I can't imagine Stanton will be too pleased with Fiers decision to like this tweet.  

Not to mention that the two already had a run in earlier this season.

The MLB needs to suspend Fiers ASAP.  You can't have a guy, who already hit someone in the face, liking a tweet about hitting him in the face again.  It's a dick move.

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