The San Francisco Giants Celebrated PEDs and Retired Barry Bonds' Number - Sports Gossip
Hooray performance enhancers

The San Francisco Giants retired Barry Bonds' number 25 on Saturday.  The event didn't lack in former Giants star power, with Willie Mays in attendance.

The Giants legend called for the Hall of Fame voters to vote him in.  

Is Barry Bonds a hall of famer?  Yes, he would have made it to the Hall of Fame without PEDs and there are players who have been connected to PEDs that have been voted in.  

So go ahead and vote him in, but don't pretend that he put up all of those numbers without the help of performance enhancers.  

In fact, vote him in, but only if the Giants and their fans publicly acknowledge his PED use.  San Francisco is the only place in the world that pretends Bonds didn't use PEDs.

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