The Tampa Bay Rays Propose a New $900 Million Stadium That Will Remain Largely Empty - Sports Gossip
If you build it, nobody will come

The Tampa Bay Rays want $900 million to build a new stadium.  The new stadium would move the team out of Tropicana Field and relocate them to Ybor City. 

What it won't do is help them win or fix their attendance issues.  When you field a team that wins and has a real shot at competing in the postseason, fans show up.

You might have to come out of your pocket for a few seasons to help that process along, but we know billionaire team owners aren't really concerned with putting money into their rosters.

A new stadium for a ridiculous amount of money, sign them up.  So long as they don't have to be on the hook for the $900 million.

Ask the Marlins about those increased attendance numbers with their big shiny new stadium.  They too haven't fielded a competitive team in some time.

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