Tim Tebow Being Linked to Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters - Sports Gossip
Tebow staying hot?

Looks like the rumor mill won't take a rest with Tim Tebow. The burgeoning MLB star, who is still in the minor league system with the New York Mets, has retained a relatively low profile when it comes to the ladies as of late. 

Now it looks like Tim is finally being attached to another girl. The last time this happened it was Olivia Culpo getting all the headlines. Seemed to work out well for her career. Now this from our tipster


This sounds much ado about nothing. Maybe just a PR tactic by Demi's people. Tim is focusing on his baseball career, while this girl lives in South Africa. Sometimes people are so desperate for Tim to finally pop his cherry, they'll pretty much make up anything. Or use his name to advance their own career. We'll keep an eye out for Tim's Mrs. Right. 

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