Kevin Hart Invests in MMA Startup 'Professional Fighters League' to Rival UFC - Sports Gossip
A fight worth fighting

Kevin Hart is diversifying his investment portfolio as he ventures into the world of mixed martial arts along with co-investors, MGM chairman Mark Burnett, and fitness guru Tony Robbins in the MMA startup, Professional Fighters League. The upstart league is looking to become a competitor of the UFC and looks to bring innovative approaches to structuring fights, for instance, a March-Madness-style tournament to MMA.

Hart, Burnett, and Robbins placed a $28 million equity investment in the startup and the group seems to have big plans for the PFL. Mark Burnett is looking to use his reality television experience to construct programming around the PFL, beginning with the "Challenger Series" which is an elimination tournament for aspiring fighters.

 There are also plans for there to be a subscription-based streaming service built around PFL content. Taking on the UFC is a tall task. 

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