Lakers forward Brandon Ingram had himself a weekend.  He was suspended by the NBA for throwing a punch over the weekend.

Now his love live is being put under the spotlight.  According to our source, the 21-year-old former Duke star is dating a stripper.  

Her name is Raelynn Inez and she's been linked to him since February.

Brandon Ingram is dating a girl named Raelynn Inez. She posts pictures of her with him on Instagram. She's a stripper, but at least she's not a recycled instathot. She's posted a pic with Brandon’s shoes in the pic and a pic with half his face in it. She also has a “I” chain and she said she’s lil crip. Shes looking for attention lol shes known in LA as a jersey chaser. How you dating a N!!!a but you can only give hints? Like taking a picture of shoes or half his face. He cant be taking her serious.

On the bright side, Ingram will have a few extra days off to hangout with Raelynn.  Here's a closer look at the girl linked to Ingram.

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