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Can't do that on LeBron's watch
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Cavaliers guard Rodney Hood was the only active player on the roster to not play during the Game 4 blowout of the Raptors.  He was reportedly asked to enter the game in the 4th quarter and refused.

The move didn't sit well with his teammates and he could face suspension because of it.

Via Slam Online:

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, head coach Tyronn Lue called on Hood to check in for LeBron James with just under 8 minutes to play and Cleveland up by 30.

Hood, who fell out of the regular rotation during the series, refused to come in – an act that did not sit well with his teammates...

If Hood wants a chance to play for a ring, he better hope it's just a suspension he faces.  You can't put it passed LeBron to kick him off the active roster.

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