Chris Paul Exploited Steph Curry's Weak Ankles - Sports Gossip
Tape those ankles up

The Rockets came out firing on all cylinders for Game 2 and handed the Warriors a 127-105 loss.  The Rockets offense was almost unstoppable. 

A key to the offense has been the play of Chris Paul, who for the second time in two games, put some effort into exploiting Steph Curry's weak ankles.

Game 1's ankle breaker.

Game 2's ankle breaker.

CP3 owed Curry an ankle breaker for one he got on him.  Consider it repaid with interest.

As hard as the ankle breakers are to watch if you're a Warriors fan, Curry's shooting in the series has been harder to watch.  He's just 2 for 13 from behind the arc.

The weak ankles might be affecting his shot too.  It's a bad time for Curry's ankle issues to pop up.  Without him draining threes from all over the court, the Warriors are beatable.

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