Trouble Afoot!

Well it looks like there's more trouble in paradise for the Big Baller Brand NBA player. Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball recently had a baby girl with his girlfriend Denise Garcia.. 

If you remember, we posted a story not too long ago about Denise threatening to expose the Ball Family in a new tell all book. 

And now this.

Lonzo Ball's girlfriend & daughter's mom Denise Garcia was caught on Instagram Live recently making some interesting hints towards the Los Angeles Lakers point guard regarding their daughter Zoey Ball. 

In the IG Live, someone asked for Denise to blink if Lonzo's a deadbeat dad. And boy she didn't hesitate to blink.


Watch the video below: 

This comes amid breakup rumors. Of course Lonzo was more than happy to post about being with his daughter recently.  

As the world turns. 

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