Dwyane Wade Signs Lifetime Deal with Li-Ning - Sports Gossip
He's locked in for life

Dwyane Wade has a new contract  with his shoe company.

Wade and the Chinese apparel company Li-Ning announced that the three-time NBA champion has signed a lifetime contract with the brand, which he has represented since 2012. 

The finalizing of that deal coincided with Wade and the company revealing his latest shoe, the "Way of Wade 7," at an event in Beijing on Wednesday. Wade appeared at the event with the company's CEO and namesake, Li Ning, who is revered in China for his gymnastics success.

"This was something I needed to do from the standpoint of building something," Wade told The Associated Press in a phone interview from China. "That's what I set out to do. This word we'll talk about, legacy, I tried to set out to build a legacy for myself and my family. And after six years of that, it's cool to be here today."

Financial details of the contract were not revealed, though it's believed the total value to Wade could reach tens of millions of dollars. Wade is so set. Congrats to D-Wade.

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