This has everything to do with gambling

They always say in the NBA, you don't need to watch the first three quarters. Now you can really just tune in for the fourth quarter. 

The price initially will be $1.99 whether the fan buys it at the start of the quarter or to watch the last 30 seconds.

By December, the league plans on giving fans the option of buying by the start of each quarter for a yet to be disclosed price.

The league also plans on eventually selling packages of 10 minutes of real-time game action. The price for a full game, through either Turner's B/R Live, on or on the NBA app, still costs $6.99.

You just know this is all being setup in anticipation of legalized gambling nationwide. There's really no reason to buy portions of a game unless you have money riding on it. The NBA is always thinking two steps ahead. 

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