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What's an Insta-Model?
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It was Iman Shumpert's birthday last week and the festivities included he and his wife Teyana Taylor, hitting up Revel nightclub in Atlanta. Now fast forward to this week, and reportedly he's hanging out with someone else. 

Via Media Take Out

Teyana Taylor has been dodging rumors that her husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert cheats on her. But yesterday, a pic of Iman and a popular Chicago "model" leaked online. And it's got people talking. You see Iman and the "model" were spotted out together - looking COZY at a video shoot for the female rapper Sasha Go Hard. And we're told that Iman and the girl - a Chicago dancer named Lani got EXTRA CLOSE during the filming.

Shumpert used to be the NBA's Hair God, now he's pretty much anonymous playing in Saramento. At least he'll get press for this part of his life. 

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