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Always dance like no one's watching

Before James Harden dominated the Washington Wizards,  tossing alley-oop passes, Euro-stepping to the rim, and stepping back for three-pointers, he danced.

As he sat on the Houston Rockets’ sideline, Harden gyrated and grooved to a pregame song blasting inside Toyota Center, unaware of the camera that was capturing his every move. Harden is one of a kind, dude has lots of energy. 

Ahead of Harden’s bench-dancing, Wizards Coach Schott Brooks viewed his former protege as this season’s most valuable player.

“Yeah, he’s definitely an MVP this year. He’s played well, and his team is playing the best in basketball. But you can always argue LeBron [James] can get it every year. Just like Michael Jordan should have had 12 of them. LeBron is the same type of player,” Brooks said. “But James is deserving. He’s put in a lot of work. He’s gotten better every year, and sometimes it’s hard to do that when you’re at a high level. He’s been at an MVP level for the last three years or so, but every year he’s come back and played better.

Harden is from the new school of athletes, who love to dance their asses off. I don't ever remember Michael Jordan dancing, ever. Maybe the past generation of NBA guys had no dance skills. 

Harden is just moving to the music, remember this earlier in the season, he couldn't help himself when Drake's God's plan came on. That's the MVP right there. 

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