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WTF is a 6ix9ine?

Houston Rockets MVP James Harden is known for his beard, while his new buddy 6ix9ine is known for having the number 69 inked on his forehead. Who the hell is this guy, seriously? 

We posted Ezekiel Elliott getting friendly with Trippie Redd last week, and this week it's Harden with this clown. Looks like James was clamoring to hang with him. Check out the future MVP getting super friendly with the multicolored rap artist. 

This strange thing looks like quite the gun lover, check out the pics of him below. Harden needs to stay away from dudes with 69 on their forehead, and also guns. 

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Looks like dude has a song about James Harden, yep, that's right. Mutual crush going on between Harden and 69'er. 

maxresdefault (3)

This guy looks like a straight up juggalo, I didn't know the Isane Clown Posse crapped out a little rapper. I know Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time, wouldn't hang out with this creep. Harden has to do better. Be better.

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