Spending time in the lab

New Lakers teammates JaVale McGee and Lonzo Ball are getting to know each other off the court too.  The two are both into music, McGee is a producer and Zo is a rapper.

According to McGee or Pierre, as he's known when he's a producer, the two Lakers have been cooking some stuff up.


You even have an alter ego, your music producer alias named Pierre. Is Gigi more Pierre or JaVale?
Probably Pierre. She's a very funny child who does whatever she wants, no questions asked.

What's the difference between Pierre and JaVale?
Pierre is weirder than JaVale. He's everything I can't be as an NBA player. He's outgoing, does whatever he wants to do, doesn't care what anybody's saying. He lives in his own world.

You released an album earlier this year as a producer. You gonna try to make some music with Lonzo Ball, your new teammate and rapper?
Definitely. I was in the studio with Zo the other day, cooking up some stuff.

It will be interesting to see what they're able to do this season on the floor.  It will be almost as interesting to see what these two are able to cook up.

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