Joel Embiid Put Aron Baynes on a Poster - Sports Gossip
Trust the Process

The process currently has the 76ers down two games to none to the Celtics.  Philadelphia is hoping Game 3 can turn the tide in their favor.

They're doing what they do in Philly and that is Trust The Process.  One positive sign for the process was a posterization by Joel Embiid on Boston's Aron Baynes.

Philly stole the ball on the defensive end, ran the floor, got a nice pass and Embiid finished it with an and one posterization.  The best part of the entire play might be that Embiid did it all with a mask on.

Oh the humanity, the disrespect.  That's throwing it down like nobody is there.

You have to reward the big man when he runs the floor.  It's all part of the process.

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