JR Smith Answers Question About Greens And Of Course Everyone Thinks He's Talking about Marijuana - Sports Gossip
We know JR has to be a weed guy, no?

JR Smith helped the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Raptors last night. He did his part, playing a pivotal role in the series. JR shot 6-of-6 from the floor, including 3-of-3 from long range, and had 15 points. 

After the game, SportsCenter host Scott Van Pelt received a classic Smith quote about having the green light. "Very green ... but not as green as that green I'm about to hit tomorrow."

Smith was actually talking about hitting the golf course. Earlier Monday, he had congratulated Jason Day on his win at the Wells Fargo Championship via Instagram.

Smith will have a few days to rest, relax, and hit the greens. The golfing kind. JR will most likely have to wait until the off season to hit those other kind of greens. 


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