He's the reason they weren't swept

Kevin Hart made a motivational video for the 76ers ahead of Game 4.  They went out, won the game and avoided the sweep.

Here's the speech.

"Let me tell you something, fellas.  The one thing we do not do is give up, you hear me?  Now when I hear things like a team has never come back from being down 0-3, you know what that makes me think about?  That makes me think about making history.  That makes me think about achieving new levels of greatness.  That makes me think about doing what the naysayers say you cannot do.  In Philadelphia, we are constantly doubted.  We are constantly thrown under buses.  We are always the underdog.  I will be damned if I stand by and allow you guys to buy into that concept.  Instead, what I will do is scream and shout and make you understand that you are great, and make you understand that trusting the process means trusting you to get to this moment and do the job that you know you can do, win!"

Obviously this speech by Hart is the reason they won the game.  Can they do the impossible? 

If they continue to get motivational speeches from Hart then anything can happen.  And by anything I mean the Celtics are going to beat them in Game 5.

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