No way he stays

Cavs center Kevin Love was asked about whether or not Cleveland's playoff run could have an impact on LeBron's decision to remain with the team next season.  

Love was very open about the possibility, but added he wasn't thinking about it right now.


"It definitely could," Love told ESPN on Friday. "But only one person knows what he's thinking and that's 'Bron. I think at the end of the day, we would love to have a long run, but that's going to be up to not only him but all of us. And you know I don't mean only the players, but the coaching staff and everybody. I mean, really getting on board and, you know, sticking to our schemes and playing great basketball.

"So I think it definitely could affect it, but you know that's, at least for me, out of sight, out of mind right now."

We know Love and the rest of his teammates, who would be trapped in Cleveland if LeBron leaves, hopes he decides to stay.  Anything short of a championship and he's out.

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