LeBron's chances look slim to none
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ESPN's NBA BPI Playoff Odds estimate the likelihood for each team to make the playoffs and win the NBA title. You can read below how they come up with the measurements. 

The BPI Playoff Odds are based on ESPN's NBA Basketball Power Index (BPI), a measure of team strength developed by the ESPN Analytics team. For more background, see: What is ESPN's NBA Basketball Power Index?

Each day, the season is simulated 10,000 times, according to BPI and the remaining schedule for each team. Okay, so we're following? Me neither, but let's check them out below.

Eastern Conference Projections 


Western Conference Projections


If we've learned anything about LeBron James, it's don't ever count him out. He's usually a lock to get to the NBA Finals, but after being able to get to the Finals, we know his record is merely 3-5. The very fact the Cavs could get to the Finals, and yet their odds are still 0.1% to win, that's shocking, and very disrespectful.  


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