Get a burner!

If there was anyone who needs to have a burner account it's LeBron James.  He's been caught creeping on Instagram more than once.

The latest is LeBron liking a picture of a woman, who is not his wife, on an Instagram page with a ridiculous name, bigtitsfornips.

Via MTO:

Well yesterday, LeBron James was found "liking" the page of an Instagram modelwhose pics popped up under the handle is "bigtitsfornips". The page shows a very full figured White girl, and asks people to contact them "in their DMs."

It's not clear whether in addition to liking the pic - LeBron slid into the DMs as the page requested.

Get a burner account LeBron.  And if you already have one, make sure you're logged into it before liking pictures on an Instagram page called bigtitsfornips.

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