LeBron James Committed Lane Violations on all 6 of his Free Throws - Sports Gossip
LeBron needs to remember the rules

Everyone is so impressed with LeBron's memory on the court, but LeBron can't even remember the simple rule of not crossing the free throw line before the ball hits the rim. 

Rule: The shooter on a free throw attempt cannot step over the plane of the Free Throw line until the ball hits the rim or the backboard or the free throw ends.

Rule for defensive players:

During free throw attempts, defensive players positioned along the lane lines may not enter the key nor vacate their lane space by more than three feet, until the ball is released by the shooter. source

LeBron had a stinker of a game, and this is just icing on the cake for a tough stat line. The refs have to call this each and every time, or LeBron will continue to break the rules. Might be time for LeBron to work on his free throw form. 


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