LeBron James Flew to Los Angeles on Saturday ahead of the Official Start of Free Agency - Sports Gossip
Taking his talents to Hollywood

LeBron James left his Caribbean "Decision Cave" and hopped on a plane to Los Angeles on Saturday.  The media followed the plane as it landed and caught glimpses of him after he arrived.


LeBron is reportedly going to meet with the Lakers in person. (that meeting could have already taken place).  But that didn't mean the Cavaliers didn't reach out as well.

The Cavs reportedly talked to LeBron and his agent shortly after the official start to free agency, via NBA:

According to The Associated Press' Tom Withers and ESPN's Dave McMenamin, the Cavaliers spoke with James when NBA free agency opened at 12:01 ET Sunday. According to the reports, Cavs general manager Koby Altman spoke on the phone to both James and his agent Rich Paul.

The fact that LeBron's first move was to fly  out to Los Angeles would seem like a good sign for the Lakers.  But they could screw it all up by not telling him what he wants to hear.

James has had unprecedented power in Cleveland.  Could he let some of that go or is Los Angeles willing to give him some of that power too?  

We have to wait and see, but all signs are pointing towards L.A.

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